Is your salon perfume free?

Clean air salon – a unique combination of high Finnish quality standards and Scandinavian purity concept heritage.

  • Perfume free salon environment
  • Fresh air to breathe
  • Perfect choice for whole family, including children and sensitive or allergic people.


Clean air salon is a specialized perfume free salon ideology where professionalism, great quality and occupational health go hand in hand. All Sim Sensitive technical, hair care and styling products used in daily salon work are completely perfume free, which helps keep salon air is fresh and allergen free.

Our mission: to use knowledge, research, innovation & technology to create superior salon environment where perfume free ideology, great product performance quality and occupational health go hand in hand.


Clean Air Salon stands strongly behind a healthier in-salon environment. In the effort to change the perception of a conventional hair salon full of numerous perfumes, smells and chemical vapors, we offer not only perfume free and safer professional hair care in-salon products, but also worked out concrete salon solutions to ensure best possible salon experience for both stylists and clients.

Such Sim Sensitive styling and hair care products as DS and System 4, as well as full technical range SensiDO are completely PERFUME FREE to ensure a better and fresher working environment for our clients together with

A breath of fresh air

As important as it is to keep your salon perfume free, we also recommend that you have a functional and high quality air cleaner to help you keep your breathing zone during any chemical treatment performed in the salon pure and safe.

Special attention to vapor neutralizing and eliminating needs to be paid when performing chemical treatments like hair coloring or perming. If you want to find out more about the specialized air cleaners please check out the following air cleaner supplier to receive thorough information on specialized air cleaners:

Great reasons to become Clean air salon

Ready tested concept

There are already around 230 salons around Finland, operating under the HIK concept. Throughout the years we have gained great amount of knowledge and experience to be able to support and give correct guidelines to the salons working with us starting from technical products in use, to styling and hair care tips and training.

Finnish purity and quality

Clean air salon concept was created by Sim Sensitive a Finnish professional hair care company with 5000 sq m. manufacturing facilities in Ylöjärvi. All Sim Sensitive products used in Clean air salon hairdressers’ work are manufactured in Finland.

Perfume free environment

A conscious choice to use only perfume free technical, hair care and styling products in salon's daily work.

A better air to breathe

Specialized air purifiers can help keep the salon air fresh and vapor free for clients and employers to breathe.

Working with an existing sensitivity or preventing it

HIK is a great choice of working environment if you already have an allergy that is affecting your occupational health as a hairdresser or a barber. At the same time choosing HIK you are also investing into your future health by making sure you do your best to prevent allergies that might appear while pursuing one of the most creative jobs in the world.

Wide clientelle

A unique salon concept that welcomes clients who could not even have imagined visiting salon for a professional hair service.

Oftentimes people cannot even dream of entering hairdressers salon as they are sensitive to products used there. Clean air salons make it possible to many sensitized people to enjoy the hair service again without any strain to their health.

More than a concept

Clean air salon is more than a concept, it is a ground-breaking salon approach awareness that we have made our mission to make available to all people. As a Clean air salon you become part of a family that strives to change salon experience around the world.

Regular education and training

In a creative and constantly changing world of hairdressing education and training is the key to success. We do our best to be able to offer our HIK salons not only professional, but also sales and occupational education on regular bases.

Want to become a Clean air salon? Join us!

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